Capital Rx Elevates Application Security to New Heights with Backslash Security

The Challenge

Capital Rx is a cloud-native organization that leverages the power and scale of the cloud to operate with unparalleled efficiency and speed in their industry. This necessitated an accurate AppSec tool to support their dynamic environment. The primary challenge was to streamline security processes and reduce the typical back-and-forth between security teams and development and operations teams. The complexity of their application stack and the sensitivity of the data handled made it crucial to have a robust application security solution

The Objectives

  • Achieve high accuracy and minimize code vulnerability false positives.
  • Ensure a clear understanding of risks related to code security.
  • Quickly validate issues to address risks promptly.
  • Distinguish between true reachable threats and mitigated risks with existing controls.
  • Seamlessly integrate into Capital Rx's modern cloud architecture and engineering culture.

Choosing Backslash Security

Shane Garoutte, head of security and compliance, and his team began searching for a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure and provide accurate security insights. They consulted with industry leaders, reviewed different approaches, and engaged with several proof-of-value initiatives to find the best vendor.

After evaluating several options, they chose Backslash Security for its innovative approach to application security.

“Suffice to say that Backslash met more of the criteria than the others, primarily due to the more accurate view of risks and vulnerabilities and better accuracy in findings.” Shane Garoutte, Head of Security & Compliance

Implementation Process

The implementation of Backslash Security was straightforward and efficient. Shane and his team were impressed with the ease of deployment.

“Implementation was very straightforward  as we had the solution running in under one hour. It was exceedingly simple.” Shane Garoutte, Head of Security & Compliance

Daily Use

In their day-to-day operations, The security engineering team uses the product daily to review any new vulnerabilities. They now have a reliable view of their reachable code risks and can have more accurate and objective conversations with development teams to increase overall code security.


Backslash Security has proven to offer a strong solution that scales with Capital Rx growth. The robust solution has empowered Shane and his team to protect sensitive data and maintain the trust of their clients. As Capital Rx continues to lead in healthcare technology, Backslash Security remains a pivotal partner in their journey.

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