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Number of SAST/SCA Alerts Generated by
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755 Vulnerabilities
380 Vulnerabilities
1015 Vulnerabilities
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407 Vulnerabilities
41 Reachable Vulnerabilities
6 Reachable Vulnerabilities

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SCA Noise Reduction and Accuracy

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Unnecessary Alerts: Reporting vulnerabilities on unused packages, generating noise without actionable insights.

Limited Scope: Focusing on direct packages, ignoring 90% of the package landscape.


Comprehensive Analysis: We leave no stone unturned, analyzing both direct and transitive packages, covering a full 100% of packages.

Smart Focus: We determine if your application is actively using packages, ensuring a targeted approach to vulnerabilities.

SAST Noise Reduction and Accuracy

Other Vendor

Control Flow Confusion: Prioritizing vulnerabilities with any control flow, potentially missing externally reachable threats.

Repository Bound: Stopping at the repository level, neglecting the intricacies of microservices.


Strategic Prioritization: Prioritize code vulnerabilities starting at the "API input," ensuring your attention is where it matters.

Microservices Mastery: Scan mono-repositories, pinpoint microservices vulnerabilities, transcending the limits set by the competition.

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