Introducing a New Prioritization Approach to AppSec

Integrating ASPM features with fundamental AppSec functions like SCA, SAST, SBOM, VEX, and secrets detection within a unified, visual platform.

We evaluate vulnerabilities natively, without dependencies on traditional vendor integrations. Through the seamless fusion of native risk assessment and reachability analysis, Backslash exposes hidden risks, offering a complete perspective on high-risk vulnerabilities.


Benefits for Everyone


Write better code faster and more securely

AppSec leader

Prioritize what needs to
be fixed first


Save on resources and increase productivity

Connect Your Apps

We connect to your SCM and Cloud with read only-APIs and analyze your applications security posture in a matter of minutes.

Discover Your Security Posture

Backslash natively performs SCA + SAST + Secret detection and highlights issues affecting your application security posture.
It then discovers the app architecture, detects internet exposure and trust boundaries to give context to the findings and support threat modeling processes.

Manage and Prioritize Risks

Prioritize reachable OSS vulnerabilities - Backslash prioritizes true risks by analyzing 3rd party packages reachability in the context of the application code.
Prioritize exploitable code vulnerabilities - analyzing source-to-sink flows in the application code and combining it with the application architecture context for a better prioritization.

Quick Fix and Effective Remediation

Backslash pinpoints to the line of the vulnerable code as well as to the specific development team to support prevention before vulnerable code reaches production.

How Our Application Security
Prioritization Platform Works

Backslash offers a thorough analysis of your app's source code and cloud setup, without any intrusive agents. It delivers a contextual understanding of your app environment and identifies potential security flaws and code secrets. By connecting these issues to development teams, Backslash enables proactive fixes, bolstering your app's security from the start.

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