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Mergers and Acquisitions Teams

M&A is every CISO's nightmare. Traditional security tools are not set up for quickly and effectively understanding of the risk posture of code you are completely unfamiliar with. This is aggravated keeping in mind target companies are often young and immature with subpar security practices and that diligence is often conducted under strict time frames.

In today's rapidly evolving realm of 'everything SaaS,' the challenge of ensuring application security has become increasingly complex. It is no longer sufficient to solely check your code for vulnerabilities. With numerous interconnected components, such as microservices, S3 buckets, and managed services in the cloud, it is imperative to secure every aspect of your software ecosystem.  

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Experience the True Meaning
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Unique Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into the risk posture of your applications and dependencies

Protect your passwords

Make sure sensitive information like passwords, API keys, and other credentials is managed in a compliant way
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Fortify your application

Identifies security vulnerabilities in the application's source code very early in the process before you find problems in production
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All-in-One Solution

Don't let hidden vulnerabilities compromise your M&A deals. Our third-party dependencies scanning solutions meticulously analyze your software components and dependencies, identifying any known vulnerabilities or outdated libraries that could pose a threat.

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Ensure compliance throughout
the M&A Process

Backslash helps you determine if the company complies with relevant security standards and industry regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or ISO 27001. Backslash equips you to maintain compliance across the entire M&A journey and measures potential risks using multiple signals. These signals include identifying vulnerabilities in the source code and open source/third party components, detecting exposed secrets, analyzing cloud configurations, and more. Combined with support for standards such as GDPR, HIPPA, or ISO 27001, Backslash is well poised to continuously measure the compliance of unfamiliar applications.

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Fast Evaluation

We recognize the criticality of time in the M&A process. Backslash solution is designed to provide fast evaluations, enabling you to assess the security posture of your applications within days, not months. By streamlining the evaluation process, we minimize any potential risks to the M&A process and ensure a seamless transition.

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