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Mergers and Acquisitions Teams

M&A is every CISO's nightmare. Traditional security tools are not set up for quickly and effectively understanding of the risk posture of code you are completely unfamiliar with. This is aggravated keeping in mind target companies are often young and immature with subpar security practices and that diligence is often conducted under strict time frames.

Effortlessly gain comprehensive visibility into the intricacies of the acquired company's code, assess potential vulnerabilities, and receive detailed recommendations tailored to fortify and enhance the overall security posture.

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M&A Insights

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Code Contributors

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of code contributors' distribution by analyzing code commits and the corresponding lines of code changes.

SBOM & Licenses summary

Retrieve a comprehensive summary of the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) alongside a detailed overview of software licenses.

Security Posture insights

OSS Vulnerabilities: Gain clear visibility into Open Source Software (OSS) vulnerabilities, categorizing them by severity levels, and identify the specific ones demanding immediate attention for remediation.
Code vulnerabilities: Gain visibility into the specific code vulnerabilities, discern their severity, and identify those requiring immediate remediation.
Secrets: Identify hidden secrets in the acquired company code that could pose a threat.

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All-in-One Solution

Don't let hidden vulnerabilities compromise your M&A deals. Our third-party dependencies scanning solutions meticulously analyze your software components and dependencies, identifying any known vulnerabilities or outdated libraries that could pose a threat.

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Ensure compliance throughout the M&A Process

Backslash's advanced SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) functionality ensures compliance throughout the M&A process by providing in-depth insights into software components. With integrated Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange (VEX) support and license tracking, organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their software ecosystem.

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Fast Evaluation

We recognize the criticality of time in the M&A process. Backslash solution is designed to provide fast evaluations, enabling you to assess the security posture of your applications within days, not months. By streamlining the evaluation process, we minimize any potential risks to the M&A process and ensure a seamless transition.

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