Reachability Analysis

Reachability analysis determines whether application code is actively utilizing vulnerable code. By seamlessly integrating reachability analysis Backslash helps you identify attack vectors that are exploitable today rather than theoretical problems.

The primary advantage lies in the unparalleled operational efficiency provided to application and product security teams. They can now discard, on average, 89% of "noisy unused" packages and concentrate on those genuinely posing a risk to the company. This substantial reduction is crucial in preventing the analysis-paralysis syndrome often observed in modern AppSec teams

Take charge of your application's security posture.

AppSec teams frequently invest time and resources chasing vulnerabilities, only to find out they aren't actual problems. Backslash takes care of that heavy lifting for you.

Unprecedented Visibility

Gain unparalleled insights into your application's security posture. Identify blind spots and hidden risks that might compromise your defenses. Backslash Reachability Analysis gives you a comprehensive view, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Native Risk Analysis

Our native risk analysis capabilities offer a deep dive into your vulnerabilities and their real-world impact. Backslash goes beyond surface-level assessments, providing you with actionable insights that matter.
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Prioritize with Precision

Backslash empowers you to prioritize risks effectively. Focus on what matters most, addressing the critical issues that could pose the greatest threats to your application's security.

Think Like an Attacker: Complete Attack Paths

From an attacker's perspective, it's not just about whether the application code utilizes a vulnerable package—it's about external reachability. Backslash examines the complete attack paths, ensuring a thorough analysis of vulnerabilities accessible from the internet or local network. Then, those vulnerabilities are prioritized to ensure you're addressing issues attackers can exploit.

Accurate Results, No Compromises

Unlike SCA tools that prioritize reporting over accuracy, Backslash ensures precision. Traditional tools might overwhelm you with results, but our reachability analysis identifies vulnerabilities actively utilized by your applications, delivering accurate and actionable information.

Comprehensive Coverage

While some tools only analyze 'direct packages,' accounting for just 11% of total packages, Backslash covers both direct and transitive packages.These are dependencies that third-party libraries bring along, potentially introducing vulnerabilities of their own.This extensive coverage ensures you don't miss critical vulnerabilities.

No Hassle

Backslash stands out by not requiring any code changes for instrumentation, build pipeline integration, or the addition of agents at runtime. This makes it the ideal solution for both security and development teams, promoting a hassle-free user experience that you can get started with in hours instead of days or months.

Powered by Proprietary SAST Engine

Our deep technology, rooted in a proprietary SAST engine, enables static analysis of both direct and transitive package code. This allows us to determine whether the application code calls them in a direct or indirect manner, offering unparalleled accuracy in vulnerability detection.

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