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The best way to improve your
signal-to-noise ratio.

Application security solution that merges Code and Cloud security findings for comprehensive protection

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Eye opener

"Backslash visual approach to AppSec has made it easier for our team to understand and implement security measures, reducing our risk of breaches and improving overall security posture."

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Liran Zelkha, CTO & Co-Founder
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New paradigm for AppSec

Backslash is merging appsec and cloud security to eliminate the need for manual correlations between code weaknesses and deployment posture. This streamlines the process for the AppSec team and improves overall efficiency."

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Kunal Bhattacharya, Security Leader
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Traditional dividing lines between application security and cloud security are quickly dissolving

Current AppSec solutions like SAST and SCA often produce excessive low-value alerts and ‘noise’ because scans are performed without the full cloud context required. Backslash Application Security Posture Management solution (ASPM) provides AppSec teams with a focused, risk-based visibility into their cloud-native code and its dependencies, combined with a crisp evidence to Dev to reduce remediation and triage MTTR.

True Positive. Period.

Dramatically reduce your false-positives with our cloud-context engine

Our expertise in cloud-native applications - from microservices to Kubernetes, from serverless to cloud services, from Terraform to everything in-between – gives us a deep understanding of the riskiest code flows.

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Developers vs AppSec Engineers

There are 1173 Developers for Every AppSec Engineer.

It’s not a lost battle

Our context-aware insights enable improved automation and cross-team collaboration. Now, AppSec teams can prioritize the most important policies, while developers focus on automating these policies for quick integration into CI/CD code releases.

Focus on Toxic Code Flows.

Identify the top SCA, SAST and secrets vulnerabilities, as per application posture policy

We analyze toxic code flows in their cloud-native context to identify the highest risks. This gives AppSec and security teams the information they need to prioritize risk mitigation efforts more effectively.

Context-aware Remediation.

Target developers precisely for each fix and provide them with evidence for triage

Once we identify the cause of an issue, we provide developers with specific remediation advice that takes into account the context of the problem - recommendations for code changes, debugging techniques, and more.

3 Stages to Implement ASPM

Backslash provides security and business context to the code risk,
with the ability to track security posture of the different applications and teams involved

Start with a Critical App


Seamlessly connect a critical cloud application to Backslash, alleviating those sleepless nights.

Gradually Expand to Multiple Apps


Gradually expand your coverage to multiple cloud applications while maintaining integration with your existing tools

Execute ASPM


Execute an ASPM approach across your entire AppSec stack with Backslash's comprehensive all-in-one solution. 

We are Backslash

We help you prioritize security issues in first-party code flows and third-party code vulnerabilities.

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