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Average engineering salary per hour
535 vulnerabilities × 10 hours
x $62.5 = $334,375

Threefold Advantage: 

Streamlining AppSec with Backslash Security

Efficient Vulnerability Reduction

Backslash Security's advanced SCA and SAST capabilities significantly reduce the number of vulnerabilities in your software. By cutting down the volume of vulnerabilities by 50%, your team can allocate resources more effectively, saving time and reducing costs associated with vulnerability management - all while increasing your security posture.

Context-Driven Accuracy

Backslash Security leverages multiple context signals to understand the real and effective impact of each vulnerability. The platform's advanced capabilities, including code reachability analysis, VEX support, and scrutiny of infrastructure settings and security controls surrounding applications, enable it to discern which vulnerabilities are actually exploitable and pose a genuine threat.

Prioritize for Maximum Impact

By focusing on the "important few" rather than the many, Backslash Security ensures that efforts and resources are allocated effectively, prioritizing the remediation of vulnerabilities that have a direct impact on an organization's security posture.

Maximizing Efficiency Across Teams: 
The Triple Impact of Backslash Security

Appsec teams benefit from a significant reduction in time and resources spent on identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, thanks to Backslash Security's comprehensive scanning and prioritization technology. The platform's precision in detecting real and exploitable threats translates to fewer false positives, allowing these teams to focus on critical issues, thereby optimizing their workflow and effectiveness. This streamlined process not only enhances security but also leads to substantial cost savings in the long run.

Software development teams experience enhanced productivity as Backslash Security seamlessly integrates into their workflows, reducing disruptions caused by security issues. By employing advanced concepts such as code reachability and VEX support, the platform delivers pinpoint-accurate results, directly guiding developers to effectively identify and address potential risks at the earliest stages of the development cycle. This precision in alerting significantly reduces the time and cost associated with post-deployment fixes and rebuilds the trust lost with software developers who are tasked to chase false-positives and non-issues.

Management teams gain from the overall cost-effectiveness and efficiency improvements brought by Backslash Security. The platform's impact in reducing vulnerabilities and streamlining security processes leads to a lower total cost of ownership for software security, aligning with broader business objectives. Additionally, the enhanced security posture and reduced risk of breaches contribute to protecting the company's reputation and customer trust, which are invaluable assets for any business.


Ready to Dive Deeper into Your Security Savings?

The value exercise you've just explored is just the beginning. Every organization's landscape is unique, and the potential for savings and efficiency with Backslash Security is vast. If you're intrigued by the possibilities and eager to understand precisely how our solution can be tailored to your specific needs, we're here to help.  Our team is dedicated to tailoring you an assessment, pinpointing precisely where and how we can add substantial value to your application security efforts, and significantly reducing risk in your software development lifecycle.