Our Customers

"Backslash is merging appsec and cloud security to eliminate the need for manual correlations between code weaknesses and deployment posture. This streamlines the process for the AppSec team and improves overall efficiency."

Kunal Bhattacharya, Security Leader

"Backslash visual approach to AppSec has made it easier for our team to understand and implement security measures, reducing our risk of breaches and improving overall security posture."

Liran Zelkha, CTO & Co-Founder

"As a CISO, gaining visibility into our team applications and vulnerabilities has been a game-changer. Backslash has empowered me with a comprehensive understanding of the risks our company faces, allowing me to prioritize and guide our development teams effectively. Backslash has become a strategic asset to ensure the robust security posture of our organization.  I couldn't be more satisfied with the results it has delivered."

Philippe Bourdon, CIO Mastech Digital

"Developers need an accurate way to efficiently identify and fix code issues in their workflows, without being overwhelmed by alerts"

Melinda Marks, Senior Analyst

"I love the insights and visibility Backslash provides, especially their user interface and experience. It's not only simple and user-friendly but also provides top-notch visibility. This aligns perfectly with my needs; it enables me to get a clear and swift understanding of my application's risks."

Deputy CISO of a Fortune 10 company

"We used to be overwhelmed on a daily basis by the amount of alerts we would get. For the first time we have a solution that actually finds real risks. This way our developers can fix the most important issues without wasting their time chasing useless vulnerabilities."

Ori Assaraf, VP R&D

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