The risk

The Risk

Cloud-native apps are often built using microservices that function independently and usually rely on external libraries and services that introduce potential vulnerabilities, especially if they are not regularly updated.


An SBOM significantly enhances supplier-consumer transparency by clearly listing all open source components in a software product

SBOMs Are No Longer Optional

Executive Order 14028 has mandated the inclusion of a software bill of materials for vendors that work with the United States Federal Government, and the Cyber Resilience Act (EU) demands their usage much wider.

Rigorous Inventory

A software bill of materials (SBOM) is a detailed inventory of all components, libraries, and services used in building an application. They enable organizations to evaluate the trustworthiness of each component.

SBOM Accuracy with Reachability

Backslash scans your code, finds all direct and transitive dependencies, understands what is reachable and what isn't, and authors a comprehensive software bill of materials to increase transparency and reduce risk.

Transparency In A Click

Leveraging signals like reachability, Backslash builds your SBOMs with accuracy to share the story of the composition and risk profile of your applications in industry standard formats like CycloneDX and VEX.

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