Target the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

Backslash SCA is engineered with security at its core, to not just identify vulnerabilities but to prioritize them based on their actual usage in your application context

Noise Reduction, Security and Compliance

Reachability and Risk Prioritization

Backslash analyzes direct and transitive packages, prioritizing reachable vulnerabilities.We achieve an astounding 80% reduction and minimize the noise generated by CNAPP tools. Our powerful policy engine leverages EPSS and CISA KEV for effective prioritization.

Phantom and Malicious Packages Detection

Get a full understanding and coverage of your environment. Detect malicious packages, whether they're added directly or in a transitive manner into a project or application and detect Phantom packages used by your code and not declared in your manifest files.

Compliance -

Achieve compliance with our Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange (VEX) capabilities, adhering to legal ,license and compliance mandates.

Automation, Shift-Left and Supply Chain

Automation policies

Triggers notifications and creates tickets to the right teams to automate AppSec work, keep the right people informed and integrate to your existing workflows.

Security Policies & Query

Get full customizability with Backslash Policies and queries. Use or tweak our out-of the box policies for package vulnerabilities, malicious package and license issues.

Shift Left, Right

Integrate Backslash SCA into your CI/CD pipelines and PR reviews, fostering a proactive approach to security, right from the earliest stages of development.

Supply Chain Security

Fortify your application against malicious packages, securing your application from the ground up against attacks like typosquatting



Integrations for code

Collaboration tools

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