Breaking the Catch-up Cycle: The New Cloud-Native AppSec Paradigm

Learn how AppSec professionals are struggling to keep up with agile development pace and trapped in an endless vulnerability chase. Discover the alarming statistics and costly implications of this catch-up cycle.

Key findings from the Report:


push code to production at least once a day


spend half of their time chasing vulnerabilities


think that existing AppSec tools are pretty noisy

Time for a Unified Approach

The Pace of Cloud-Native Innovation is Accelerating

Explore the top complaints about existing AppSec technologies

The Cloud-Native Enablement Gap

Uncover the massive gap in cloud-native enablement across critical AppSec capabilities

Introducing the Modern AppSec Paradigm

Discover the key tenets of a modern standard for cloud native AppSec success

"What we’re hearing across the board is a message of urgency – we’ve entered a new, cloud-native reality, and it’s time to put an end to the AppSec catch-up game."

Shahar Man, CEO

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